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Yay! The Christmas Mini shoots are happening

Hello to all of you lovely people,


 So, next weekends mini shoot that you have booked in for is going ahead and I am so happy to be back working and to be able to see you all then!

The photoshoot is taking place on my families farm- in a little barn, right next to the farm house.The address for the farm is Dairy Farm, MK16 8LU. The only problem with that postcode is that as the M1 motorway runs right through the farm, sometimes the postcode takes you onto the motorway and up to Northampton (halfway up the motorway telling you that you have reached your destination). As this is not what we want please enter the postcode for the farm across the road in order to get there safely, this postcode is MK16 8LT.

Depending on which direction you are coming from, this postcode will either take you to 150 metres before the turning to my farm or 150metres after. Basically the turning to my farm is on the other side of the road to this postcode and I’m sure you will find it easily!


I have attached a couple of photos of the farm at the bottom here for you to have a little look at to try and get your bearings a little.


Here is a photo of the top gate to my driveway, this is where you need to turn down, and I will have candy cane balloons flying at the top gate so you can spot the driveway when you are near!


The driveway is a mile long, down to the farm house, once you are on the driveway you will drive past horses, a couple of fields, under a motorway bridge, and then you will find the farmhouse on your right- if you think the drive is too long- just keep going, I promise its down there.
When you see the farm house on the right drive up the little driveway up either side of the grass and park outside the farmhouse, it will be obvious where we are- but we are in the building just to the right of the house.

When you get there, if you are early please either wait in your car- or stand outside of your car and wait- please do not come over to the photoshoot area until your allotted time as I am only wanting one family at a time in the area to keep safety in place.
Please bring masks for all adults in your party, and I am going to ask you to wear them at all times, unless you are having your photo taken.
When arriving at the photoshoot I will need everyone to sanitise their hands before entering the room and adults must wait in the doorway/outside until it is their turn to come in for the family photo. It is a very small room and I am just trying to keep the numbers in there down until absolutely necessary.

The 30 minute slot will be around 15 minutes of photo taking time, and then 15 minutes of choosing your final photos. I am doing it this way as we are now shooting in December I know you are all anxious to have your photos ready as soon as possible. So once you have chosen your final ones, I can get them uploaded onto your online album and with you hopefully within just a few days to a week.

Please bring a card for payment with you on the day, the final amount for the photoshoot will need to be paid there and then via my card machine.

Once again please may I remind you to be on time for your session as I don’t want your time to be lessened or for you to miss your slot. Please have a look at the directions and location before you get in the car so that you are prepared.
Also double check the time of your slot, as you are all back to back and if anyone gets their time wrong I have no spare slots to re book you in and you might miss out.

On the day, if you find yourself lost- please call my mobile, I might not be able to answer if I am with another family at the time, but I will try to get back to you as soon as I am free- 07756396508

Thanks for reading all of that, and I am very excited to see you all this upcoming weekend,

See you soon!

Steph x

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