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About Me


I'm Steph, thanks for taking a look at my webiste and my work and if you have made the effort to take a look at this page and see what I'm like, then thanks a lot

I have been taking photos since I was 16 years old and tried out my Grandad's old olympus camera. I realised then that there was finally a medium of art I actually wasn't rubbish at!

I went on to study commercial photography at Uni and after graduating I spent the next 6 years travelling the world and living abroad.

Photography was always what I knew I wanted to do, but during these travelling years it took a bit of a back seat whilst I worked in hostels, bars, pubs and even was a deputy manager at a strip club for a year (feel free to ask me more about this one!)


Photo courtosy of Kate Jackson

My family spent those years begging me to come home, until one day I finally decided they were right.

I made my way back home to England from New Zealand (with a 6 month detour in South America)- with the love of my life and our little girl secretly growing in my tummy!

(imagine the shock on their faces haha!)


That was 6 years ago and I'm lucky enough to be running my photography business whilst looking after my two little ones and our crazy dog Pancake.



This year I finally married this gorgeous Irish man who I met all that time ago on the other side of the world, in spite of the pandemic trying to ruin our plans the day was perfect.

(Although it was very strange being the subject infront of the camera for a change! )

Our two children walked down the aisle infront of me and grateful Is the main word that comes to mind from that perfect day and the wonderful life we have created together.


Since turning my passion into my business I have found that my real love comes from photographing people.

My work ranges from families to actors headshots, school photos, blogging about the people of Milton Keynes and my new venture which is boudoir & body confidence photoshoots for women!

(follow the lips at the top of the page to have a look at this)

Photo courtesy of Kate Jackson
Wedding photo courtesy of Kate Jackson

Photos from the wedding courtesy of Kate Jackson

My studio is based on the farm that I grew up on and as my parents and brother still live there I am fortunate enough to have one of the farm barns to house my studio in.

Growing up on a farm was exactly as fun as it sounds, I am eternally grateful for the childhood I had and it has lead me to become a very outdoor and nature loving person.

My family and I have a large allotment near our home in which we grow flowers for wildlife and for me to play florist with, my husband also grows hops for his homemade beer.

We have also recently taken up beekeeping! Keep an eye on my instagram stories for more insight into these and watch us attempt and fail at our many hobbies...


I am a happy, relaxed person, if I'm not working you can find me either at the gym, in my garden, at our allotment or chilling at home with a glass of red wine, my husband and my two lovely children.

If you are looking to book a shoot with me, I pride myself on making people feel very at ease, I have spent many years around different nationalitlies and cultures and I am a friendly and easy going person.


Hopefully this About me section has helped you to learn a little more "about me". If you would like to chat with me before booking a shoot, I'm always free to talk, not that I can't promise there won't be a 5 year old in the background asking for snacks!


I hope to photograph you soon and thanks so much for reading!

Steph x


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