About Me

Well hello there!


I'm Steph, thanks for taking a look at my webiste and my work, and if you have made the effort to take a look at this page and see what i'm like, then thanks a million!

I have been taking photos since I was 16 years old and tried out my Grandad's old olympus camera and realised there was finally a medium of art I actually didn't suck at!

I went on to study photography at Uni, and after graduating spent the next 6 years travelling the world and living abroad. My family spent those years begging me to come home, until one day, I finally decided they were right and made my way back home to England with the love of my life and our little girl secretly growing in my tummy! (imagine the shock on their faces haha!)

Fast forward 4 years and im lucky enough to be running my photography business whilst looking after my two little rugrats and our crazy dog Pancake.


My studio is based on the farm that I grew up on and as my parents and brother still work and live there it is still very much our mutual family home.

My clients and I have a lot of fun outside around the farm, its a great place for children to explore and adults to relax and feel more at ease infront of the camera.

There are 5 friendly dogs who always love a cuddle, and plently of beautiful backgrounds and areas to take lush pictures.

It's a great place for seasonal pictures as the colours and areas around the farm change constantly throughout the year, and every month is special in it's own way on the farm!


I love to get the most natural shots of my clients, to me there is nothing worse than a staged photo, so bring your silly smiles and toddler tantrums, as all of that is part of the fun!

My pricing is always as stated, I have packages to suit all budgets, and I never have any hidden charges or force my clients to spend more than they hoped. 

If you would like to chat with me before booking a shoot, i'm always free to chat!

Please see the link in my contact page, and hope to photograph you soon.

Steph x