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Prices and Packages for
Boudoir & Body Confidence Photoshoots

Hello again!

Thank you for heading over here to have a look at my prices and packages.

The first thing before having a look at my prices packages is for me to explian that there are three different locations where you could have your personal photo session.

1. In my studio

These sessions are a little different to the ones set up in a home environment, as I don't use props like beds or sofas in the studio. But these sessions offer a larger range of experimentation with lighting and can look incredibly arty and sensual.

I personally love the studio sessions, as it focuses on your body and how we can light it to match its curves and shapes.

Here are a few examples of some images captured at the studio;


2. Air bnb rental sessions

The air bnb days are the most popular choice for the body confidence photoshoots. Basically I book out an air bnb location, which has great lighting, great colours and I fill the day with a few gorgeous ladies who each book back to back sessions. 

This means that you get the relaxed "at home" feel to the photos, we have lots of beds/chairs/sofas to choose from and it feels more like a special day out session.

The only thing with these sessions is that you will have to be quite flexible with my calendar, as these are only booked every now and then, and must all fall on the same day.


Here are a few photos from a couple of the ladies who attended my last air bnb booking;


3. Your own home

Now this session is a little different to the other two, as it has a couple of conditions.

For it to be in your own home, it will need to be just the two of us, no husband/partner or children can be at home whilst we are there as in order for these to be succesful shoots, they need to feel intimate and private(and nothing says sexy more than the kids asking to watch cbeebies haha!)


They can also only be done in a home which has a LOT of natual light, and is aesthetically pleasing.

Now there is absolutely no judgement from me with what your home looks like, but my photoshop skills can only go so far!

So if your home is very "lived in" and has piles of washing (which mine certainly does!)- or children's toys everywhere. It just won't work.

If you are keen I would ask to see a video of your home and the rooms which we could use.

If your house could be a great location for a photo session then definitely talk to me about it, as its certaintly an added touch to have your own home in the photos too!


Have a look below at some pictures I got in a clients home environment...


Thank you for getting this far!

So, we have discussed where you might like to have the session, now lets discuss the prices.

I have three price packages, each one is all inclusive. I have no hidden costs, or selling tactics after the photos are taken. What you see below is what you pay.


Package One- £250


1.5 Hour session

two outfit changes

15-20 final digital photos*

Package Two- £350


2 Hour session

five outfit changes

35- 40 final digital photos*

A small photo book of your final photos for you

Package Three- £500


4 Hour session

Make up Artist to do your make up at the beginning of the photoshoot

Unlimited outfit changes in the time frame

40-50 final digital photos*

A4 size photobook of your final photos for you

*All final photos are chosen by me (As I tend to take hundreds in each session) - a viewing gallery of the best ones for you to choose your final ones can be purchased as an extra for £100.

All photos take 2-4 weeks to edit and get to you.

If you would like to know more about me before you think about booking a session.

Please follow this link below to get you to the "About me" page on my website.

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