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Not Such a Soulless City - Milton Keynes & the people behind the portraits

Milton Keynes, the new city. Milton Keynes, the city of roundabouts. Milton Keynes, the soulless city. Milton Keynes, my home.

Unlike other places in the UK, everyone has an opinion on Milton Keynes, and when you say that this is where you are from, they are not afraid to air those opinions.

After spending most of my twenties traveling and living abroad, answering the usual "where are you from" question, became an almost daily occurrence.

I then became accustomed to the usual snigger that followed when I said I was from Milton Keynes, and although I understand that MK might not sound as romantic or impressive to some than saying you're from London or Bristol might, I do feel that this bad rep we seem to have acquired, is unfair and unjust.

"Not Such a Soulless City" is my portrait project, which is aiming to show the beauty, culture and true Soul that Milton Keynes does have, and to me that's in the people that live here.

I'm hoping that my portraits will help to promote the city that we live in, change a few peoples misconceptions, and at the very least share some of my work with you all.

So please enjoy, share my posts if you like them, and spread the word, that Milton Keynes really is, Not Such a Soulless City.


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