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Not Such a Soulless City - Taylor Smith and the Milton Keynes Music Scene

Steph Loake Photography Musician Busker Milton Keynes
Mitchell Taylor of Taylor Smith- busking in the Centre:MK -

The Milton Keynes music scene might be one of MK's best kept secrets. Taylor Smith is a local group, and I caught up with guitarist and front man Mitchell Taylor, and drummer Dan Smith.

Both Mitchell and Dan have lived most of their lives in Milton Keynes, I came across the duo whilst they were busking in between the old and the new sections of the Centre:MK shopping center, Mitchell was playing his acoustic guitar and dancing in his Doc Martens and Dan was rhythmically pounding on his box drum.

Their music was bellowing out into the open space and made a welcome change to the usual sounds of shoppers, lost pigeons and the infuriating tune of the bubble frog clock that never fails to stick in my head for the rest of the day. Nothing was going to stop me from snapping some portraits of the pair.

Steph Loake Photography Milton Keynes musician busker
Pictured; Dan Smith of Taylor Smith

Taylor Smith talked about how they feel strongly about the music scene here, no matter how underground it sometimes may seem, and agreed that although many of the old music venues MK had to offer have closed and disappeared, the rise of some really unique venues in the last ten years or so are bringing the music culture of Milton Keynes back to its once former glory.

These venues included, MK11 at Kiln Farm, The Cannon in Newport Pagnell and a personal favourite of mine, The Craufurd Arms in Wolverton.

The two musicians stated that they felt like too many people view Milton Keynes as a place to come to work and leave, and never truly explore the culture and cool things that go on here.

Steph Loake Photography Milton Keynes musicians
Taylor Smith busking in the centre:mk

I enjoyed talking to the lads about their opinions on the soul of Milton Keynes, but more than that I loved watching them play to the people of Milton Keynes as they went about their day.

Photographing them in action and seeing their passion for music and the music culture of Milton Keynes was the highlight of my and i'm sure many other peoples shopping trips.

To follow, check out their music and see upcoming gigs visit.

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Not Such a Soulless City

Steph Loake Photography Not such a soulless city
Taylor Smith

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